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Heat Shrink Cable Repair/wraparound Sleeve/tube/tubing
A superior wraparound insulation product that easily installs in repair and splice applications providing excellent ...
Heat Shrinkable Anode Cap
Anode cap seals and protects the critical connection between lead wire and anode.
1. The tight fitting, heat shrinkable anode cap provides ...
PVDF Tubing/tube/sleeve
Seni-rigid thin wall Kynar® * heat shrink tubing, ideal for electronic, automotive and military applications requiring protection and see-through ...
Yellow Green Heat Shrink Tube/Tubing/Sleeve

1. Flexible
2. Flame retardan
3. Operating Temperature: -55ºC to 125ºC
4. Shrink Ratio: 2: 1, 3: 1
5. Shrink ...
Min. Order: 10 Pieces
General insulating protection for various household appliances, light fitting, machines, electronic instruments, etc.
1. Two types: Inner fiberglass outside braided ...
For use in ranges, water heaters, clothes dryers, rotisseries, cookers, toasters.
Leads for transformers, lighting, ballasts and motors.
Internal wiring of electric heating, gas ...
Interface assorting size complies with IEEE386
Cable section: 35-120mm² .
Zero Halogen Flexible Heat Shrink Tube (W-1-H(RSFR-H))
Single wall heat shrink tube:
Single wall heat shrinkable tubing is used in the electronices, automotiva, military & ...
Min. Order: 1,000 Meters
Silicone Rubber Tube (WST-260)
General insulating protection for various household appliances, light fitting, machines, electronic instruments, etc.
1. Two types: Inner ...
Min. Order: 1,000 Meters
Fluid resistance at high temperature, identification sleeves DTL-23053/5, DTL-23053/6
1. Permanent identification sleeves.
2. Computer printable
3. 2: 1 and 3: 1 ...
1. Flexible
2. Halogen free alternative to PVC
3. Continuous Operating Temperature: -55ºC to 105ºC
4. Shrink temperature: 105ºC.
Heat Shrinkable Anti-Tracking Insulation Tube
Heat Shrink Anti- tracking Tubes are Used In Medium
Voltage Cable Joints and terminations up to 36 KV.
The tubes are produced from ...
(1). The improved traditional separable connectors use the liquid silicone rubber imported from u. S. New separable connectors use imported EPDM rubber. That has ...
Cold shrink tubings are insulated ,open-ended,rubber sleeve which is factory expanded and assembled onto removable plastic cores.The core is removed after the tubes have been ...
Cold Shrink/Shrinkable Cable Joints
Use: Cold shrink cable joint for XLPE -insulated 1 or 3 cores cables with Al or Cu conductor, 1-36kV.

Design: The joint body is made of ...
Expandable Sleeve/Tube/Tubing
PET(polyethylene terephthalate) material, excellent application for various bundle wires, wiring harness and hoses protection, etc

1. ...
Min. Order: 10 Pieces
0.6/1kv Cold Shrink Termination and Straight Through Joint
Performance Standard: IEC60502.4; GB12706.4
1. Cold shrink, which is also called Pre-expanded, is ...
Hight temperature resistant, oil resistant heat shrink tubing is made of special designed fluororubber which was cross-linked by radiation with scientific formula. It has excellent ...
24kV plug-in type separable deadbreak connector
Designed to comply with EN50180 and EN50181 standard "A" type bushing requirements.
Interface assorting size complies with ...
Cold Shrink Silicone Rubber Breakouts
Cold shrink silicone rubber breakouts are factory expanded and mounted on removable inner supporting plastic cores. They are supplied for ...
Conductor Splicer made of Non-flame-retardant clear heat shrink tubing with soldering tin inside.
1. Shrink Temperature: Start at 70ºC and fully recovered at ...
EPDM Heat Shrink Tube/Tubing/Sleeve
Suitable for jacketing and protection to cables, pipes, and connectors. Used for protecting solder joints, wires, cables, terminals, connectors ...
Min. Order: 10 Pieces
Made from high creep resistance, anti-tracking polyolefin compound and coated with anti-track, weather resistant mastic. The high creep resistance and anti-tracking properties of ...
High shrink ratio semi-rigid polyolefin tubing/tube/sleeve

Adhesive lined heat shrink tubing with environmental sealing capability for a wide variety of electrical applications, ...
Min. Order: 1,000 Meters
Heat shrinkable cable end cap has a good waterproof seal, Widely used in power cables and communication cables storage at the end of treatment, Also be used for street lamps and ...
Designed to comply with EN50180 and EN50181
Standard "C" type bushing requirements.
WEBK15-630 rear connector specification and same as WEB15-630 front connector, type the middle ...
1. Specially formulated for optimum high temperature fluid resistance, and long term heat resistance. Resistant to aviation and diesel fuels, hydraulic fluids and ...
Heat Shrinkable Bus Bar Protective Cover
Mainly applied to provide
Protection for various electrical connecting.
Material: Polyolefin
Voltage class: 1kv, 10kv, 35kv
Available ...

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